Waterproofing specialists Elastopower
Waterproofing specialists Elastopower

Elastopower has specialised for over 15 years in spray-on waterproofing systems, more effective, reliable and durable than previous solutions. Explore our answers to problems of wear and tear or water leaks in existing industrial or residential buildings, with no need for invasive demolition works or complicated or late-in-the-day procedures, using systems also very useful in new builds.


 corrugated sheeting

 tar paper and roofing felt

 high SRI concrete

Car Parks

Asbestos encapsulation

Road or railway superstructures and bridges


Water supply systems

Old tar paper and felt roofs

Concrete roofs

Terraces, including tiled

Rooftop gardens

Retaining walls


The Elastopower system creates flexible insulation and durable waterproofing using an exclusive material that forms a protective, waterproof coating, resistant to extreme temperatures. Highly adherent, it is sprayed using specially designed equipment onto all forms of surface, including for asbestos encapsulation. Watch our video. 

Renew your building’s ailing roof and overhaul installations such as silos, tanks or deposits with Elastopower’s simple technology. Waterproof your roof before installing photovoltaic systems, protect your pool before laying the final lining, and make sure balconies and terraces are completely watertight: just some of the things we can do for residential or industrial buildings.